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A Flexible Routing Approach in an iOS App

“Trollstigen” At Rosberry we’ve refused using storyboards, except the Launch Screen of course and configure all layout and transition logic in code. In order to understand our reasons — read the Life without Interface Builder written by Zeplin’s team, I hope you will find this post useful! In this article, I’m going to […]

Choosing the right technology for your mobile app

A primer for non-technical people looking to hire developers or an agency Stick figure credit: Say you’re a business owner and you want to get a mobile app built. You get in touch with a few mobile app development agencies. They throw some technical jargon into the discussion. They can build […]

What I learned from building a chatbot in 2017

Image: John Willson, Surprising, out of the left field, mystifying — that’s my year of chatbot building. Yes, besides moving to Silicon Valley, working on GreetBot was by far the most novel part of 2017 for me. I learned a lot: from the nitty gritty of code testing to designing a […]

Exploring Kotlin using Android Architecture Components (and vice versa)

Recently, after all this time listening and reading about Kotlin I decided that it was time to give it a try. The best way to do it, I thought, was to write a new Android app from the beginning. Sure, Kotlin was designed to be “multi-platform” from the beginning (JVM, […]

Onboarding Users With Embedded Training To Ensure They Use Your App

The key to keeping up with that engagement streak is getting users onboarded and up to speed as quickly and smoothly as possible. And that means guiding them along with seamless embedded learning. User attention is at a premium. Keeping people engaged during your app’s onboarding process can be tough, […]

Mastering MVVM on iOS

There are a plenty of posts on the internet about app architectures in the iOS development world. Today I will show some tips for using MVVM architecture while developing iOS apps. I am not going to show other architectures if you need them there is a great post ( ). […]

5 App Monetization Trends To Watch In 2018

Which trends will shape app monetization in 2018? As the world becomes better adapted for mobile, developers will benefit from greater revenue than ever before. However to do this they must balance the needs of the user with app monetization practices. We’ll look at five trends that will influence the […]

Introducing electron-toolkit: The Electron app to build and launch Electron apps

Recently, I wrote an article “🦋Electron: The Bad Parts” about all the expectations-meet-reality moments I had with Electron. And the feedback was overwhelming. With over 300 comments on reddit, mentions in podcasts, YouTube videos, hundreds of email subscribers and tens of thousands medium readers it turned out that many people […]