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6 Cloud Computing Tips for Small Businesses

Cloud computing has seen incredible steps forward in the last 10 years – and unsurprisingly, that means the adoption rates within small to medium sized industries has soared. However, like all aspects of IT, cloud computing doesn’t stand-still – and understanding how to leverage the technology for maximum effect is […]

City Brain: Cloud Computing and Data Technology Help Our City Think Deeply

It takes HUMAN 100 years to process these data. It takes TECHNOLOGY one second to make our city a better place. On November 9, 2017, Dr. Wang Jian, Chairman of Alibaba Group’s Technology Committee, published an article in China’s mainstream media on the “City Brain”. In it, he explains that in […]

Helpful sounds from the abyss.

OK, Google, listen for a moment… “A man in red and black was riding a surf board”, I heard someone say. “Suddenly, he disappeared, and I could hear a faint shriek behind the walls”, added another, quietly. An Indian voice spoke, calmly, as if he hadn’t just heard the scream or noticed the […]

A Brief History of Cloud Computing

Threat Intel’s ‘History of…’ series will look at the origins and evolution of notable developments in cyber security. What exactly is cloud computing? This is something that, no doubt, most people have wondered in recent times, as more and more of the services we use have migrated to the semi-mythical […]

A Plug & Play Life: How To Prevent Losing Your Data

Photo by Dan Gribbin on Unsplash In Germany, there’s this running joke. If someone comes up to you holding a phone with a smashed screen — which looks like a web — you can make a smug face and ask: “Did you download the Spider-Man app?” While a lot of screen-broken phones still work after […]

Predicting Enterprise Trends in 2018.

As venture capitalists, we get to see the future happen before most other people do. (Though despite the best intentions of tech founders, sometimes that future never arrives.) But most of the time we’re in a pretty good position to anticipate trends and see tech developments before they go mainstream. […]

How to Datalab: Running notebooks against large datasets

Streaming your big data down to your local compute environment is slow and costly. In this episode of AI Adventures, we’ll see how to bring your notebook environment to your data! What’s the only thing better than an interactive Python notebook? An interactive Python notebook with fast and easy data connectivity, […]