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Four Focus Areas to deliver AMAZING-Customer Experience using Digital Technologies BUSINESS CONTEXT: Now-a-days, enterprises are operating in an economy of disruption where customers are getting Amazing Experience. The Business Environment is disruptive where competition is coming from outside the industry as well. Technology is changing at an exponential pace. All of this is making an eco-system very challenging for […]

Create Cross-platform Voice Applications With Jovo

Jovo aims to create a development framework that allows you to write code once and deliver to multiple voice platforms (at this time, Alexa and Google Assistant). Again, it’s like the voice ecosystem is taking the same path as app development, trying to find ways around maintaining multiple code bases. […]

Your 2018 Chatbot Strategy Needs These 4 Levels of Interactions

A winning interaction model for chatbots to evolve, survive, and thrive. In China, WeChat users can buy a house and shop for the furniture while they wait for their Peking Duck to be delivered, all within the super app. But WeChat is not yet the global player Tencent hoped it would […]

Chatbot Design Trends 2018

Discover the main topics that will be holding the conversation next year. The technology underneath is not new but 2017 it’s been the most prolific year for chatbot development. If we don’t want the industry to die, 2018 should be the year of massive user adoption. Many users feel disappointed with […]

Dear UX-ers: the future is human

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” — Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was right when he first proposed his trippy ideas about relativity, he nailed it when he predicted the existence of gravitational waves, and now in 2017 I have to admit that Einstein’s […]

The Rise of Conversational Website

How to use conversational interfaces as the secret weapon to hyper-personalize website experience. The Internet has brought us instant access to massive amount of information at our fingertips. However, unlike computers, the human brain has a limited processing power, which forces us to filter out contents that are not relevant […]