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MVP to MVVM transformation When it comes to Android architecture patterns, two most popular these days are MVP and MVVM. Both divide system into three abstract layers: Model, View and connecting them controller. Differences might not be so obvious for developers who haven’t had chance to implement both patterns. Lately MVVM is getting […]

Kotlin Design Patterns

This article was originally posted on June 2017 on LinkedIn There’s a saying that “design patterns are workarounds for shortcomings of particular language”. Which would be very interesting, if it wouldn’t come from a Lisp or Scheme advocates around ‘96. But it seems that Kotlin language designers took this saying really to heart. […]

Let the code speak!

Have you ever seen code like this? I bet you have (or you will see at some point in your career). Code like this exists in some legacy systems and is often very old. Most likely, you don’t feel very good when you see code like this. The problem with this […]

Reusability and Composition in Swift

The one concept Nietzsche, Thoreau and Hesse most probably tried to elude through their lives: Dependency. Even if one does not agree or embrace their philosophies, a programmer should — or must? — apply their way of thinking while programming. Let’s define the problem first: Coupling Imagine a car which does not a have a […]