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Don’t Get Caught Up in a Code Framework Paradigm

I was originally going to name this article “How It Took Me 8 Hours to Write 2 Minutes of Code”, but somehow I didn’t think that most software engineers would find that terribly compelling, and if there is one thing engineers like to do, it’s to determine what’s most efficient […]

Why are there so many damn front-end web frameworks?

(Or, haters, please go hate somewhere other than Reddit and Hacker News.) All logos used with complete disregard for copyright and trademark law. Let’s say you’ve written something amazing in JavaScript and you share it on Reddit or Hacker News. Guess what the first 97 comments are going to say? Some […]

Become a 2018 ready Web Developer By Learning Flexbox and CSS Grid

A collection of resources to learn tomorrow’s technologies today. Although I’ve referred to them as tomorrow’s technologies, Flexbox and Grid are supported by nearly all modern browsers. What makes these seem futurisitic is that very few web developers are aware of them. Even fewer use these while designing websites, instead […]

Charting the waters: between Bokeh and D3

Introduction There comes a time in the life of a budding “low-key but also high-key trying to become a front-end designer and developer” when they must enter the world of charting libraries. Navigating *uncharted* waters Charting libraries produce data-driven visualizations. They are the reason you can quickly grasp trends in […]

7 Must-have Tools for Designers/Developers 2018

UnDraw Open-Source, Free, Themable Illustrations. The best alternative to stock images. Choose an illustration, change its theme, export as an .svg or .png Visual Studio Code Open source, cross platform code editor, designed with web development in mind. Comes with Intellisense and integrated Git Control. Ready to use out of the box, no need […]

How my open source project earned 6,000 stars on GitHub in just 5 days

A screenshot of the Front-End Checklist repository (numbers are already outdated since I finished writing that article) Last month I launched two open source projects on GitHub. A few days later, my Front-End Checklist was showing more than 6,000 stars (17,000 as of writing). And I got 600 stars for my […]