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Here are some amazing advantages of Go that you don’t hear much about

Artwork from In this article, I discuss why you should give Go a chance and where to start. Golang is a programming language you might have heard about a lot during the last couple years. Even though it was created back in 2009, it has started to gain popularity only […]

5 Gotchas of Defer in Go (Golang) — Part III

5 More Gotchas of Defer in Go — Part III Gotchas and tricks about defer. This article is more about tricks rather than gotchas of defer. Read the following posts from this series to discover more gotchas and tricks about defer: Part I Part II Part III (this) Part IV (incoming — the last one) If you don’t know how […]

How I built an image proxy server to anonymise images in twenty minutes

You can find the source code for this post at Let’s say you want to anonymise images by hiding any detected face, just by tweaking the src attribute of the tag in HTML. If we build a proxy server that does the work for us, we can prepend that server’s […]

Why are there nil channels in Go?

A practical example This blog post is complementary to episode 26 of justforfunc which you can watch right below. Everybody that has written some Go knows about channels. Most of us also know that the default value for channels is nil. But not many of us know that this nil […]

Autocomplete engine in Go: let’s build it

Some time ago I worked on a small autocomplete web service for fun and curiosity. Part of it consists pretty much of what I’m going to talk about in this post. We’re gonna build a small completion suggester in Go. A couple of assumptions I’ll have for this experiment are: we don’t […]

Announcing Procs, the Simple Process Management Library for Go

I’m a big fan of using processes in programs to implement functionality. There are often times existing programs that do the intended behavior and do it well. Unfortunately, integrating command line applications into other programs can be painful. There are times you want to expose output from the underlying commands, […]