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Finishing freeCodeCamp’s Front End Web Development Curriculum Only Took Me Three Years

I finally finished working through all of freeCodeCamp’s Front End Web Development curriculum. It only took me three years! I first joined freeCodeCamp in November 2015. There were lots of gaps in my learning. Since initially joining freeCodeCamp, I took a JavaScript class at General Assembly in 2016, attended Flatiron School’s […]

How to avoid common beginner pitfalls and start coding like a pro

Photo by on Unsplash Learning to code is tough. We’ve all encountered cryptic errors and code breaking for no obvious reason. Sadly, this experience is part of learning to code. There are a few steps you can take to improve your code quality and prevent common bugs. Avoid copy pasting code A […]

Trump Said WHAT?!?! (Parsing and Searching JSON data)

The ability to parse and search through JSON data can be incredibly powerful, regardless of what industry you’re in. In the following example, I’ll go over the following concepts, related to JSON data: Creating a JSON file. Saving a JSON file online in a Mongo Database. Retrieving the data through a fetch […]

How to switch from Gulp to Webpack: a tutorial to get you started

Yet another blog post with the Webpack logo. No, not really. Switching from Gulp to Webpack could be traumatic. For most developers on October 26, 2017. How to switch from Gulp to Webpack: a tutorial to get you started was originally published in codeburst on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation […]