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Writing better unit tests in Swift: Part One

Generating test data with factory methods The problem Look, we’re amongst friends here, so I feel I can be totally honest: I’ve written some really awful unit tests in my career. Twenty-line monsters with multiple mocks and asserts and asynchronous expectations. The sort of thing you see in books with titles […]

Getting started with Moya

Getting Started with Moya Moya is a Swift Network Abstraction Library. It provides us with an abstraction to make network calls without directly communicating with Alamofire. With this tutorial we will learn how to get started with the framework, discover some tips & tricks and learn all basics from code examples. […]

Mastering MVVM on iOS

There are a plenty of posts on the internet about app architectures in the iOS development world. Today I will show some tips for using MVVM architecture while developing iOS apps. I am not going to show other architectures if you need them there is a great post ( ). […]

The Best Way to Organize your iOS Project Files in Xcode

C is for Creative Mess If you use standard Xcode Groups to organize your files in project — you will eventually find out that it creates mess in your project root folder on a disk. Xcode Groups (folders) exist only virtually, while on the disk you will see plain list of created files […]

How to supercharge Swift enum-based states with Sourcery

I really love enums with associated values in Swift and it’s my main tool for designing state. Why are enums so much more powerful and beautiful option? Mostly because they allow me to keep strong invariants about the data in my type system. For example, if I have a screen which […]

A complete list of articles on Unit Testing with Swift from 2017

Do you write unit tests for your apps? Whatever answer you have writing tests in Swift became a popular subject in the development community. Many developers published great articles, made outstanding talks and podcasts on writing tests in Swift. It became easier than ever learning with these materials. At the […]

Training Custom Models Using Turi Create In my last post I talked about Integrating TensorFlow Models into an iOS App. We used the tfcoreml tool to perform the conversion between models. Although tfcoreml tool is a powerful tool but it is not very developer friendly. The lack of documentation and the wild goose chases to […]