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Creating a NodeJs LED Matrix display framework with Raspberry Pi

LED Matrix displaying clock Overview There are a lot of good resources online for building a led matrix display panel to show weather, news ticker, etc. However, most of the resources out there are either doing one very specific thing or not as easily configurable to do other things. So, […]

Modernizing Node.js with idiomatic JavaScript

This blog post was written by Peter Marshall, Software Engineer at Google, V8 and Arunesh Chandra, Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft, Chakra Until recently, it was hard to write JavaScript that worked across all browsers. The different JavaScript virtual machines found in each browser varied so much in their behavior […]

Data Science for Javascript Developers

Data Science for Javascript Developers — A Tutorial I love Javascript. I think it is a great programming language. It is a versatile, constantly evolving, ever growing language. It is practically the only language that runs both on the client and server. NPM, node’s packaging system, is great. For many, Javascript is their […]

How I built a Twitter bot for #100DaysOfCode

A few weeks back I joined the #100DaysOfCode challenge with the aim of coding, learning and shipping more. I totally recommend you checking it out, it’s an awesome community of like minded and super friendly coders. 👨‍💻 I’m a Software Engineer that never finishes side projects! To fix my inability to […]

Getting started with Bluetooth Low Energy on iOS

Introduction: One of the main features of the Bluetooth 4 specification is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Also called Bluetooth smart, this technology allows peripherals to communicate by consuming much less energy than regular Bluetooth. Another major advantage is that the user does not need to manually pair with the device […]

Understanding How the Chrome V8 Engine Translates JavaScript into Machine Code

Before diving deep into the core of Chrome’s V8, first let’s get our fundamentals down. All of our systems consists of microprocessors, the thing that is sitting inside your computer right now and allowing you to read this. Microprocessors are tiny machines that work with electrical signals and ultimately do the […]