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How to run a Security Scan on WordPress for Improving Performance

Online security has turned into a massive concern over the years. Hackers, malware, and viruses are on their rise, aiming to exploit your online privacy. As a website designer/developer, WordPress security should be your major concern to protect your sensitive data and enhance the performance of your website.  According to […]

Four Keys to Better Performance

During Dreamforce 2017, in his talk “How Salesforce Leverages Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in the Infrastructure,” Kartikeya Chandrayana discussed strategies for getting the most out of, well, anything you need to optimize. At Salesforce, Trusted Customer Success is our number one value. That bears repeating. At Salesforce, Trusted Customer Success […]

Apple slows down iPhone performance as much as 50 percent after iOS 11.2.2 update

Downloading the latest iOS 11.2.2 will leave you with a nasty surprise so be careful From a security point of view, the iOS 11.2.2 is extremely important and we recommend  you to download it right away so that you and your device are protected from any form of vulnerabilities. However, […]

How Salesforce Optimizes Performance in China

During Dreamforce 2017, Jeff Cheng and Rob Mercado gave a talk entitled Performance Optimization: Greater China Region and Beyond (see the full talk, and refer to the slides). In this post, we cover the portion of that talk relating to the China-specific performance issues and mitigations. China has Unique Challenges […]

How We Improved Our Android App “Cold Start” Time by 28%

Four of our biggest and best improvements shaved off a full second of app launch time. Since Q1 of this year, Redfin’s Search Apps team has spent a lot of time measuring and improving the performance of our mobile apps for iOS and Android. We improved our “cold start” time by […]

Apple confirms it slows down your old iPhones

Apple admits slowing older iPhones to prevent unexpected shutdowns We had recently reported how Reddit users had noticed that Apple is intentionally slowing down older iPhones through new iOS software updates. In fact, iPhone owners discovered that replacing the battery in an old phone can boost its speed. The Cupertino giant […]

Django Admin Range-Based Date Hierarchy

How we significantly improved the performance of Django Admin date hierarchy A few weeks ago we encountered a major performance regression in one of our main admin pages. The page took more than 10 seconds to load (at best) and hit the query execution timeout at worst. The page was an […]