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Easy handling of lists — RendererRecyclerViewAdapter (part 2)

Last time we optimized the way we worked with RecyclerView, and we also learned how to reuse cells in different lists and easily add new cells. Today I’ll be explaining two things: · simplifying DiffUtil support in this implementation; · adding support for nesting RecyclerView. If you liked the previous post, […]

RecyclerView Pro Tips — Part 2

In this article, I will talk about RecyclerView ItemDecoration and ItemAnimator and will try to explain through a simple application, which is also available at Github. ItemDecoration (As the name suggests) should be used to decorate view items of the RecyclerView. ItemDecoration can be used to apply dividers and other effects […]

Recyclerview Pro Tips — Part 1

I am writing this article as I have observed many developers making mistakes when implementing recyclerview even now when it’s been quite a while since Google released it. The points mentioned here are referenced from various talks and articles by Google Devs. You don’t need to watch the video now as I […]