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Verifying your Google Assistant media action integrations on Android

Posted by Nevin Mital, Partner Developer Relations The Media Controller Test (MCT) app is a powerful tool that allows you to test the intricacies of media playback on Android, and it’s just gotten even more useful. Media experiences including voice interactions via the Google Assistant on Android phones, cars, TVs, […]

Quality Assurance Toolkit: Using Android Studio IDE

Quality assurance engineers know that choosing the right technology stack for testing Android applications can be a real pain. The tools you pick have to be catered specifically to the needs and features of a particular app, and you might have to go through a number of paid and open-source […]

Facebook confirms it is testing ‘downvote’ button for comments

Facebook is testing ‘downvote’ button after requests for ‘dislike’ button In 2015, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO and co-founder, had confirmed that his company was working on the much-requested “Dislike” button by its users. Fast forward to 2018, while Facebook has yet to add the ‘Dislike’ button on its platform, it […]

Building Prediction APIs in Python (Part 3): Automated Testing

In the last post, we improved the error handling of our prediction API and considered the nuanced decision about which records we should score. In this post, we’ll look at how we can test our API using pytest. Building Prediction APIs in Python (Part 1): Series Introduction & Basic Example As […]

A stress-free way to test frustrating static method calls in Kotlin

Let me make a wild guess… You have encountered some code in Kotlin that is using some third-party library. The API that the library provides is one or a few static methods. And you want to test some code using these static methods. It is painful. You are not sure how […]

Diamond kata via property-based TDD in JavaScript

In the previous post I’ve covered the basic ideas behind property-based testing. Here, I’m going to TDD the diamond kata using that technique. The post is heavily inspired (i.e. blatantly copied). So be sure to go say hi to Nat Pryce and Mark Seemann doing the same exercise[1][2] (links at […]

How to Test a Chatbot — Part 1: Why is it so hard ?

How to Test a Chatbot — Part 1: Why Is It so Hard ? This article series is about Chatbot testing. Common caveats and problems are described, common solutions are shown and common tools are presented. The first article in the series points out the differences from testing a Chatbot to testing other […]

Property-based testing (with a sprinkle of JavaScript)

If you come from OO and have ever tested any piece of software chances are you’ve employed example-based testing. In other words, the function under test is called with some predefined input and the return value is checked against some predefined expectation. For instance, the function sum is called with […]