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Tips on Using Gamification in Your Ecommerce Mobile App: Aliexpress Example

Adults enjoy playing just as kids do, especially if they can save some money in process. Retail applications provide lots of opportunities to enjoy games and challenges, and in exchange they get loyalty, higher retention rate, engagement and greater revenue. Gamification is a marketing strategy that works for many types […]

Tips for unlocking laptop password and suggestions

This article introduces how to unlock Windows password, power-on password, and HDD/SSD password for personal laptops, and gives you suggestions that how to stop others accessing your laptop without your authorization anywhere and anytime. 1: Unlock Windows password for laptop When it comes to Windows password, it is the most […]

Literary Analysis Writing Tips for Beginners

Literary essay writing involves a deep evaluation of a piece of literature. The literary essay writers carefully analyze the different aspects of a piece of literature. It helps the writer, as well as the reader to better understand the idea of that work. Literary essay writers have a big responsibility […]

6 Cloud Computing Tips for Small Businesses

Cloud computing has seen incredible steps forward in the last 10 years – and unsurprisingly, that means the adoption rates within small to medium sized industries has soared. However, like all aspects of IT, cloud computing doesn’t stand-still – and understanding how to leverage the technology for maximum effect is […]

Tips that will help you have a successful custom software development

Everybody knows that custom software can contribute to an organization’s development and increase its’ efficiency and profitability. It can be hard to find a good developer that will provide you with adequate software and solutions for your business, therefore, when you think about custom software development, consider your organization’s needs […]

Presenting your Usability Test Results

So you’ve done a round of usability testing. You’re with the product team and then comes the question, ‘How did it do ?’ Mostly folks may not bother too much about task completion times or questionnaire scores. Folks may want to know how did it go in comparison to a previous […]