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How Progressive Web Apps Are Changing the Software Development Game

Find out about the benefits and limitations of progressive web apps Some say that progressive web apps (PWAs) have taken software development to the next level. The reason is that a PWA can work both as a web application and as a native mobile app. To achieve this flexibility, PWA […]

Building a compass web app

I’ve begun a project trying to using magnetometers to detect a user’s behaviour, so to begin to understand how to use them I built a simple compass. Step 1 — Raw Magnetometer data: Using the PowerSense app for iPhone, I recorded the 3-axis magnetometer readings at various compass headings and device orientations. With […]

Making an uber minimal API

API’s or ‘Application program interface’ are simply ways to handle requests, usually such that the responses are consistent and easy to interpret. This is an essential building block in services that bridge different providers such as the google maps API, or in a microservice architecture such as Netflix. In its most […]