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How to get more likes on your blogs (1/2)

Unravelling the mystery of claps on medium blogs using data analytics Being an amateur blogger, I always wonder what makes a good blog “good”. Is it just the content that is important or do we have to focus on other aspects as well? To solve this mystery I am deploying […]

How to get more likes on your blogs (2/2)

Estimating the claps you get, the data science way Wondered how you can get your story to trend more?? Is it the title, the images, the quotes or the content that gets you more claps? In this series by Alvira Swalin and me, we have tried to explore the relationship between […]

Big Data: What is Web Scraping and how to use it

What is web scraping? It is essential for gathering Big Data sets, which are the cornerstone of Big Data analytics, Machine Learning (ML) and tutoring the Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The hard point is that information is the most valuable commodity in the world (after time, as you cannot buy […]

How to build a Hacker News Frontpage scraper with just 7 lines of R code

This is not R — Web scraping used to be a difficult task requiring expertise in XML Tree parsing and HTTP Requests. But with new-age scraping libraries like beautifulsoup (for Python) and rvest (for R), web scraping has become a toy for any beginner to play with. This post aims to explain […]