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Ransomware Most Commonly Used Malicious Software: How to Protect Your Business

According to Verizon’s latest annual Data Breach Investigations Report, ransomware continues to be one of the biggest issues in the world of hacking. In fact, according to the report, ransomware is the most used type of malicious software, and so far has been the cause of 39 percent of malware-related […]

Cyber Security Trends and Threats to Watch for in 2018

As more of our physical world becomes digital, crime that was once rooted in “the real world” will become prevalent in cyberspace. From thousands of wordpress sites hacked, to malware spread via fake cellphone towers, 2017 saw a myriad of devastating cyber attacks and hacks. Because preventing damage from these threats […]

A new ransomware attack called Bad Rabbit looks related to NotPetya

 On Tuesday, reports surfaced that a new kind of malware was spreading around Europe. The apparent ransomware which researchers are calling Bad Rabbit bubbled up in Russia and Ukraine and appears to also be affecting Turkey and Germany, though spread isn’t fully known at this time. Initial targets include Ukraine’s […]