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How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages? [Working 2019]

WhatsApp is possibly the most popular messaging application that is used by millions of users across the globe. A while ago, WhatsApp introduced the ability to delete sent messages within an hour. Instead of the actual message, WhatsApp displays “This message was deleted.”  Ability to delete WhatsApp messages is definitely useful […]

Google allows third-party app developers to read your emails

Gmail app developers might be reading your personal emails The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica privacy data scandal had created an unrest when it was discovered that the latter illegally harvested up to 87 million Facebook users’ personal data without their knowledge and consent. Apparently, Facebook allowed thousands of app developers to harvest […]

Google rolls out offline reading feature for Chrome on Android

Google Chrome for Android will automatically download articles over Wi-Fi for offline reading Google in its latest update for Chrome browser for Android, has introduced a new feature that will automatically download news articles while connected to a free or un-metered Wi-Fi connection so that the user can view them […]

Cortana will soon read out your Android text messages

Cortana for Android beta can now read messages aloud Just less than a month ago, Microsoft had updated the Cortana app for Android that brought the ability to send text messages using the user’s voice. Now, Microsoft is rolling out a beta program for Cortana app on Android that can read […]

New Mind-reading Machine can Instantly Translate Your Thoughts into Text

Scientists say the new mind-reading machine will help patients who are unable to speak Researchers at the University of California have developed a new mind-reading machine that is capable of translating human thoughts into texts, the Daily Mail reported. Until now, the mind-reading machine was used by late physicist Stephen Hawking […]

Deleted messages on WhatsApp can still be read using notification log

WhatsApp’s “Delete for everyone” feature ineffective, as recipients can still read it via notification log WhatsApp users were elated when the instant messaging application service announced the “Delete for everyone” message option couple of weeks ago. The new message recall feature called “Delete for everyone (or Delete for me)” in […]