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Facebook’s major investors want Mark Zuckerberg to step down as chairman

Major Facebook shareholders propose the removal of Mark Zuckerberg as chairman Several major public investment funds on Wednesday proposed removing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as the company’s chairman of the board. The proposal comes right after the recent data breach that affected 30 million Facebook accounts. State treasurers from Illinois, […]

Sketchy Crypto-mining Containers Removed from Docker Repository

In case you haven’t heard, Docker is shaping up to be one of the most disruptive technologies to date that are currently at our disposal. And it’s deemed as such rightly so. It has the potential to completely replace virtual machines because it’s incredibly self-sustaining, resource-efficient, and openly compatible across […]

Your favorite Paint maybe removed from Windows soon

Microsoft was in news this May when it announced its biannual list of features to be killed in the upcoming feature update to Windows 10. And paint was one of them. Since 1985 Paint has been a preinstalled program on Windows. Last year Microsoft released the new version of Paint, […]