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The Best Robots Of 2019 That You Must Buy For Your Home

Technological advancements in the past three decades have completely transformed the lives of human civilization. What once seemed like a futuristic sci-fi movie is now becoming a reality. Well, if you want to welcome a robot to your family, then you are reading the right article. So in no particular […]

Boston Dynamics Robot Fighting Back Against Humans Video Is Completely Fake

Boston Dynamics is a well-known American engineering and robotics design company. Recently, Boston Dynamics published a video that showcased a robot fighting back against humans. As you might have guessed, the video went viral and at first sight, it seems threatening as well. Well, the entire video was a parody […]

Self-driving Tesla hits and kills an autonomous robot at CES

Humanoid robot hit and killed by a self-driving Tesla at CES A self-driving Tesla Model S hit and “destroyed” an autonomous robot in a car accident in Las Vegas on Sunday night, ahead of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. The incident took place around 7 p.m. in Paradise Road, Las […]

Kalashnikov unveils 13-foot-tall Humanoid Combat Robot

Russia’s ‘new walking robot’ is bulletproof ‘soldier suit’ with claws Do you remember those bulletproof robots holding weapons in its giant claws in sci-fi movies like Avatar and Robocop? Now, Kalashnikov Concern, Russia’s most famous weapons manufacturer, unveiled a new state-of-the-art military robot at the Army-2018 international forum at the […]

Packaging and Palletizing Collaborative Robots: Frequently Asked Questions Addressed

In 2014, PMMI (Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute) published a report indicating that 2 out of 3 manufacturing locations had palletizing robots installed or planned to install the robots at a future date. Palletizing is basically taking the packaged product and assembling it for transport by loading it on a pallet […]

Honda to stop development of its iconic ASIMO robot

Honda’s ASIMO robot to breathe its last as development ends Japan’s public broadcaster, Nikkei Asian Review has reported that Honda, a major automobile manufacturer, has halted the development of the famed humanoid robot “ASIMO”, as it plans to focus on the development of practical robot technology to use in areas such […]

Microsoft’s new AI bot creates drawings based on text descriptions

Microsoft’s new AI tool draws beautiful images from text The Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has incredibly evolved over the last few years and is touted to be the next big thing of the future. Making more headway in that direction is Microsoft Corp. who has been investing in multiple projects […]

Sophia the Citizen Robot Is training to Walk: A big revolution in AI

Sophia the Citizen Robot Is Learning to Walk Sophia, the famous humanoid robot which had been ridiculed since getting the Saudi Arabian citizenship has now another update to sweep everyone off their feet. Sophia took her first few steps. It is a big revolution in the domain of AI and […]

Artificial Intelligence-Based Robot Sophia Says She Wants To Start A Family

Saudi Arabian robot Sophia says she wants to have a baby Everybody has heard stories about Sophia, the clever Artificial Intelligence-based humanoid robot, recently grabbed headlines when she went on to become the world’s first Android citizen of Saudi Arabia. Sophia is back in the news again. This time she has […]

Saudi Arabia becomes the first nation to grant citizenship to a robot

Female robot granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia Robotic revolution in the coming years is seen as an increasingly popular concern, as robots are expected to take over human jobs leaving them broke and unemployed. If this was not scary enough, Saudi Arabia on Wednesday went on to become the first […]