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Anyone’s fingerprint can unlock Galaxy S10 phone, confirms Samsung

Samsung to fix Galaxy S10 flaw that allows any thumbprint to unlock the phone Beware, if you are a Galaxy S10 owner, as a vulnerability in the smartphone allows any fingerprint to unlock the device. The news was confirmed by Samsung who told Reuters that the company is going to […]

Linux Sudo Bug Lets Non-Privileged Users To Run Commands As Root

Sudo bug in Linux allows users to run some restricted commands as root without permission Sudo, one of the most commonly used utilities in Linux, has been found to have a vulnerability that could allow malicious users or programs to execute arbitrary commands as root on a targeted Linux system […]

Google’s old critical zero-day vulnerability affecting newer Android versions

Google’s old Android vulnerability found being exploited in the wild Google’s Project Zero Day security researchers revealed on Thursday that a critical zero-day vulnerability has been detected in the wild. Previously, this same bug had affected older Android kernel versions 3.18, 4.14, 4.4, and 4.9, but was later patched by […]

Microsoft to offer Windows 7 extended security updates to small, midsize businesses

  Windows 7 to receive extended security updates from Microsoft through January of 2023 Microsoft on Tuesday announced that the company will offer Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) through January 2023 to small-and-midsize (SMBs) customers, as long as they are willing to pay for extended updates. “While many of […]

‘Hundreds of millions’ of iPhones vulnerable to permanent jailbreak

‘Unpatchable’ iOS exploit could allow for a permanent jailbreak for iPhones A security researcher has released an iOS exploit for iPhone 4S through iPhone X that could potentially lead to a permanent jailbreak. axi0mX, the pretty well-known iOS hacker and cybersecurity researcher, has publicly released what he claims to be […]

Google’s recent Chrome update affected some macOS computers

Google Acknowledges Latest Chrome Update Damages macOS File System Google on Tuesday admitted that a recent Chrome update has impacted some macOS computers that is rendering them unable to boot. The issue was first discovered by film and TV editors across Los Angeles on Monday evening when their Mac Pro computers […]

India Is Planning To Adopt A China-Style Facial Recognition Program

India looking to set up one of the world’s largest facial recognition system for police India is planning to emulate China by setting up one of the world’s largest facial recognition systems for surveillance companies in a bid to improve policing throughout the country, reports Bloomberg. The government led by Prime Minister Narendra […]

PUBG And Fortnite Cannot Be Played On iPhones After The iOS 13 Update

A Gesture Bug In iOS 13 Makes It Impossible To Play Battle royale Shooters Undoubtedly, Fortnite and PUBG Mobile are two of the most popular smartphone games and they are played by millions of gamers across the globe. Unfortunately, the recent iOS 13 update for iPhones and iPod Touch has […]

Warning issued to millions of iPhone users against upgrading to Apple’s iOS 13

Apple iOS 13 Arrives With a Few Bugs; Warning Issued To Millions Of iPhone Users BEWARE! If you haven’t upgraded your iPhone to Apple’s latest operating system iOS 13, then you may not want to update it yet, as the recently released software has been detected with multiple bugs. The […]