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Running a small business? Here’s what you should know about SEO

Since 93% of online experiences begin with the search engine, it’s essential that small business owners understand the fundamentals of SEO and methods for increasing traffic to their websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of tactics for improving the ranking of a website in the organic search engine […]

5 Reasons Why Spanish Denver Businesses Need SEO To Improve Their Bottom Line

Over the last two decades, the concept of SEO has gained enormous significance after its invention in the early 1990s. Nowadays, SEO is considered as a basic activity just like sending or receiving emails if not conducting any other activity online. Just like other businesses, Spanish Denver businesses need local […]

Lessons from submitting 500k images from Shopify stores to Google for indexing

We open up Pandora’s box for Shopify merchants I launched Image Sitemap for Shopify in December 2017. To date we have submitted over 500k images to Google Search on behalf of our customers—with those customers seeing an average of 648% increase in indexed images. I started with a hypothesis about […]

Is the Moon a Dead Pixel in the Sky?

And other stuff people asked Google in 2017 (Image/ Is the Moon a Dead Pixel in the Sky? was originally published in The Bigger Picture on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Please follow and like us:0GurupriyanGurupriyan is a Software Engineer and a […]

Why Nuxt Js is perfect framework for your landing page?

Why Nuxt Js is perfect framework for your next landing page? Let me give you a small introduction of my project before I begin. It’s called Pariksha. What is Pariksha? Pariksha is the result of my 8 years of experience in online learning industry. I have authored Compliance, Corporate and Vocational […]

How to use Google Trends for SEO

Google Trends, first launched in 2006, provides marketers with invaluable insights into how people search on the world’s most popular search engine. In its earlier guises, Trends (or Insights for Search, as it was previously known) was a rather static resource, updated only on an infrequent basis with fresh data. Over time, […]

Adthena brings its AI-driven search tools to the U.S.

 There’s no shortage of companies — both legitimate businesses and the seemingly endless supply of spammers who’ve found my email address — promising to improve your performance in online search. But founder and CEO Ian O’Rourke said Adthena is doing something different, because it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create […]