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Windows 7 Bug Preventing Users From Shutting Down Their PC’s [ Here’s The Fix]

As you might know, Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system was officially declared dead on January 14, 2020. Consequently, the decade-old OS would now no longer get security updates or fixes, software updates, or technical support. Sadly soon after the discontinuation of Windows 7, a new bug has emerged that prevents […] shuts down after complaints from Hollywood, one of Thailand’s most popular and free pirate movie websites, has been shut down by the country’s Department of Special Investigation (DSI) following a request from the Motion Picture Association (MPA). For those unaware, was founded in 2014 and is one of the largest pirate sites on the […]

Anti-Piracy Alliance ACE Shuts Down Openload and Streamango

Openload and Streamango shut down by ACE Openload and Streamango, two of the major file-hosting sites on the Internet, have agreed to shut down its services as part of the anti-piracy settlement, reports TorrentFreak. Under the terms of the agreement, the sites have also agreed to pay “a significant damage […]

Germany’s Largest File-Hoster ‘’ Shuts Down After Police Raid

Police raids, takes it offline, the largest file hosting site operated in Germany, has shut down following raids as part of a copyright-violation investigation, reported TorrentFreak. The investigation was jointly carried out by the prosecutor’s office in Cologne and the police in the city of Aachen. For those unaware, […]

Pirate site ‘Manga Rock’ starts shutdown

Manga Rock shuts down, announces new Mr Comics platform Manga Rock, the hugely popular manga comic scanlation platform, recently told the J Japanese news site J-Cast that it plans to shut down its service following criticism from various copyright holders within the manga industry and media outlets. The website, which famously […]

Top kodi repositories shut down in wake of UK arrest

The arrest of Kodi add-on developer by the UK police prompts to shut down of several repos Several popular add-ons and repository (repo) have been shut down recently and are no longer available to the public, reports TorrentFreak. The latest repo to shut down last week was Supremacy Kodi add-on. […]

Trump’s latest executive order blocks Huawei out of U.S. market

Huawei Ban: Trump Issues Executive Order To Prevent Huawei from U.S. Trade Market Amid an escalating trade war with Beijing, U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order that effectively bars American companies from using telecommunications equipment made by firms deemed to pose a national security threat. While the order […]

Google decides to kill off Google+ earlier than planned

Another data leak forces Google to close down Google+ in April 2019 In October this year, we had reported how personal data of hundreds of thousands of Google+ social media users were exposed after a software glitch between 2015 and March 2018. Following the data exposure, Google had decided to […]

Google is planning to shut down Hangouts for consumers by 2020

Google may shut down Hangouts sometime in 2020; Hangout executive rubbishes this rumor Contrary to reports by 9to5Google, Google’s real-time chat service, Hangouts for consumers will be shutting down for good sometime in the future and not 2020, reports Android Police. Slamming the reporting as shoddy, Scott Johnston, Realtime Comms product […]

123movies was shut down as part of a criminal investigation

Criminal investigation leads to the shutdown of 123movies In March this year, 123movies(hub), also known as GoMovies, had announced that it would be shutting down its website. 123movies had made the shutdown announcement on its website, which read, “We’ve been providing links to movies and shows for years. Now it’s […]