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Teenager Dies In Her Sleep After Smartphone Explodes During Charging

Girl dies as after charging mobile phone explodes near her head while sleeping We have heard several instances of people getting injured due to smartphone battery explosions. However, in one such unfortunate incident, a teenage schoolgirl from Kazakhstan has died after her charging smartphone exploded on her pillow as she slept. […]

The Cheapest Way to Get Circadian Lighting at Home

The Philips SceneSwitch has three color settings for night, in-between, and day Circadian lighting—lighting that changes color to promote sleep at night and energy during the day—is the future. There is significant evidence that blue light is necessary during the day and undesirable at night. But until very recently, circadian lighting was […]

The Future of Light

The body clock is influenced by changes in light throughout the day. Photo by Den Heslop. Edison’s commercialization of the electric light bulb quite literally changed the world. His technology helped enable the power grid, modern transportation, and ultimately the lifestyles we enjoy today. Lighting improved gradually over the last century […]