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RoboDogs Can Now Open Doors for Friends

Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand? Boston Dynamics robots can now open doors. (Watch the video below) The Robodogs are coming, Boston Dynamics is now Softbank owned. What happens when robot dogs can open doors for their friends? But Spot Mini keeps getting upgrades. Robots are getting smarter, and humans […]

Can A Machine Be Racist?

Artificial Intelligence has become a household word. It has also become a manipulator of all households. The unchecked explosion in AI across all businesses and business models has been a phenomenal driver of growth, but it raises questions that need to be answered. Data Scientists and AI Researchers will increasingly […]

Society is fractured. These innovators at Davos are fixing it

Maxwell Hall, Media Lead, Broadcast and Programming, World Economic Forum Geneva This article is part of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting When robotics entrepreneur Keller Rinaudo, started his first company at the age of 23, the number of drone strikes in Afghanistan were at an all-time high. “Most robotic companies were building […]

Imagining a Better Online

Is it possible the internet will be a garbage fire hellscape forever? And if so, what then? Credit: Lightcome/iStock via Getty Images Plus “Everything is about to change. The world is going to crack wide open.” Those are the final words from a character on Halt and Catch Fire, AMC’s series about the […]


Smartphones own modern adults (Or, SOMA). Here’s why. Our generation — that of “millennials” — gets written about a lot. We are “better behaved and less hedonistic nowadays,” according to a . Please follow and like us:0GurupriyanGurupriyan is a Software Engineer and a technology enthusiast, he’s been working on the field for the last […]