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8 Steps to Build Your In-House Documentation System

In this present age of information outburst, there is more sense when you have a system established to assist you in filing your data systematically. One of the underlying cause that most office works get removed out of gear is because there is a problem in the data management practices, […]

Disciplined Traders Profit With Forex Trading Plans

Let your winners run is profit maximizing advice for a forex trader, but instead, traders tend to exit trades too early due to a human fallacy called loss aversion. Traders fall into this mental trap because, psychologically, a loss is twice as powerful as a gain. When a loss does […]

3 steps to start earning cryptocurrency with Coindirect’s new Affiliate Program

Coindirect has started paying out cryptocurrency to people who are referring new users. There is now a smart way to create an additional revenue stream for yourself with Coindirect’s recently launched Affiliate Program. The peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform is rapidly expanding its global presence and is looking to reward advocates […]