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Classified: The Art of Restricting Personal Data

Rethinking personal information to achieve security and privacy It’s time we had frank conversation about who gets access to you. Photo: Pexels All of us are frequently and routinely asked to provide our personal information to other people, organizations, and websites. Some of these requests arise from important or critical occasions in […]

Why Google Should Sell Nest.

Promise vs Reality When Google acquired Nest in 2014 it was the biggest acquisition of an energy tech company. Nest had taken the lowly thermostat and made it desirable and sexy. It was the first smart home product that made utilities think ‘customers might actually care about this stuff!’. The Nest […]

Lessons in Analytics From Mobile Gaming — Warlords Of Aternum

Levels, Layers, and Iteration Developed by Innogames and currently boasting 4.4 of 5 stars — Warlords of Aternum is a turn-based strategy game. This early in our series (this is article #5) that is really enough. I will be releasing a deeper dive on the importance of turn-based games to analytics in […]

Innovation, Change, and Technology Strategies for Success as Social Entrepreneurs

How does social change happen? | Social Innovation Blog Series Sarah Sharif (r), Founder and CEO of Experimental Civics based in Austin, Texas and Charlotte van Oostrum (l), freelance consultant and researcher in content strategy, design and management and Community Developer for based in Rotterdam Area, The Netherlands met each […]

There’s Always A Pattern: Using The Emergent Story Arc To Win The Brand War

The deep human story of the candies we eat. (Image by me. If you’d like to use it, please attribute to Jasmine Bina.) Every brand has a chance to bend the consumer path away from competitors and toward itself. This is how. Stories change a lot more than we realize. Between decades and […]

IoT/IIoT Device Companies Are Making The ‘Smart Meter Mistake’.

During the three-people-in-a-room early days of running Power2Switch, we made a decision to take every customer call we received. It was easy in those early days, the calls came directly to my phone! As we grew and launched in several US states we maintained this culture but had only one […]

The Meaning of Open

There are a lot of misconceptions about what open means, when it is the right strategy to apply, and the fundamental tradeoffs that go along with it. It’s very easy to cargo-cult the notion of open — using it in an imprecise or half-baked way that can obscure the real dynamics of […]

How Incumbents Can Use AI To Fend Off Disruptors.

Using Data To Improve Customer Experiences and Interactions User Experience Fails OldCo One area where incumbent companies continue to lose against their upstart disruptors is in the area of user/customer experience. It’s actually the wedge disruptors use to insert themselves into the relationship between the customer and the old provider/incumbent. It’s […]