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Lessons in Analytics From Mobile Gaming — Warlords Of Aternum

Levels, Layers, and Iteration Developed by Innogames and currently boasting 4.4 of 5 stars — Warlords of Aternum is a turn-based strategy game. This early in our series (this is article #5) that is really enough. I will be releasing a deeper dive on the importance of turn-based games to analytics in […]

Google to Launch Netflix for Gaming called Yeti

If you like video games you probably like Steam. Now imagine a subscription service where you can stream games via Chrome? Dubbed Yeti, this new service will stream to a Chromecast or to an entirely new console. Say what? Yet Google might be building the Netflix of Gaming. Google hasn’t understood […]

Calling All Gamers

Well really… just the smartest ones Gaming is fun. And many gamers have a substantial amount of skill. Some gamers are actually Analysts by Nature. Sure some may have plenty of hand-eye coordination and split second reflexes, but others have an ability to break things down, problem solve, recognize patterns, exploit […]

Gamer’s Guide to Analytics v3

Fantasy, Legends, and The Age of Storytelling This series is focused on the opportunity for gamers in the field of analytics. The job growth forecast over the next few years is astounding. Gamers, perhaps more than any other group have a tremendous opportunity to fill those positions. Gaming is not […]

Is There a Primal Connection Between Humans and Video Games?

Why do so many people play, follow, watch, and love video games /esports? Why is that number of people growing so rapidly every year? Is the connection between gaming and humans primal? As humans, ancestors of our species spent most of their time hunting, gathering, and moving daily to survive (find food, […]

Switch Flips Nintendo’s Fate, Reviving the Magic at a Sagging Company

This time last year, the company that made Mario and Donkey Kong household names seemed to have lost its touch. Now, with the new console… Continue reading on The New York Times » GurupriyanGurupriyan is a Software Engineer and a technology enthusiast, he’s been working on the field for the […]

Gamer’s Guide to Analytics v1

A Series, A Manifesto, A History, And A Call-To-Action The world is facing a shortage of analysts. It is so bad they gave it a title — The Data Analyst Shortage (no one said “they” were very creative). “They” being the masterminds at McKinsey and other research brain trusts. The shortage estimated […]