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Threat Intelligence Platform on War Against Cybercriminals

Hackers and scammers have been extremely harsh on companies — readily exploiting any vulnerability they can with threats ranging from phishing to malware to DDoS and many more. So not surprisingly, 73% of attacks against organizations in 2017 were perpetrated by malicious outsiders. Of course, CEOs around the world are […]

Data, Power, And War

We’ve built a power structure that leaves the public good begging at the door. This must change. Data, Power, And War was originally published in NewCo Shift on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Please follow and like us:0GurupriyanGurupriyan is a Software Engineer […]

Sleep Walking into a War

The Great Cyber War: Part 1 Russian rioters handcuffed by police, Tallinn, Estonia 2007. Photo: STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images We are 10 years into a war. A war most people don’t realise is happening, and which our governments are only just beginning to see. This is the Great Cyber War. If this was a […]

Can Civil Society Succeed in Its Quest to Ban ‘Killer Robots’?

A robot in Parliament Square, central London, during a photocall for the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. Lethal armed robots which could target and kill humans autonomously should be banned before they are used in warfare, campaigners have said — Nick Ansell/PA Images via Getty Images By Megan M. Roberts and Kyle L. Evanoff […]