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Wifi password hacking: Easily Hack WiFi Password Using New WPA/WPA2 flaw

Learn how to hack Wi-Fi password of modern routers Wifi password hacking has become popular as people are always in search of the free internet. But due to the advancement of technology, cracking passwords have become a difficult task to do. The reason is due to the implementation of WPA/WPA2 (wifi […]

An Internet That Fits on Your Keychain

Project Lantern provides citizens with a decentralized network and accompanying apps in the aftermath of natural disasters This is a spotlight on Project Lantern, an initiative that recently won a first-place prize in our WINS Off-the-Grid Networks challenge. Learn more about the WINS competition here. Jonah Model spends his days […]

Distributed HUAWEI and CISCO on the next generation of Internet: MeshBox

Internet access is often seen as a given, but the process of connecting the developed world has been a hot button issue among the Silicon Valley elite. Any number of suggestions have been made, and some high concept attempts have ultimately failed in their deployment. The MeshBox Foundation is seeking […]

Bug in iOS 11.3 beta 1 refuses to connect to secure Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi bug in iOS 11.3 beta 1 compelling users to downgrade About a week ago, Apple had released its first beta version for iOS 11.3. However, it appears that users who are testing this beta version experiencing difficulties due to some nasty bugs. For instance, the Skype application crashes every […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Setup At Home — Impressions From a Non-Pro

Ubiquiti UniFi Setup At Home — Impressions From a Non-Pro on Building Perfect Wi-Fi For users whom a solid Wi-Fi/internet connection is important, or a challenge — telecommuters, owners of larger homes, people who have a growing number of devices AKA nearly everyone — a Ubiquiti UniFi system can be a high-performance alternative to a mesh system. […]