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Lightweight bundling, minifying, and compression, for CSS and JavaScript with ASP.NET Core and Smidge

Yesterday I blogged about WebOptimizer, a minifier that Mads Kristensen wrote for ASP.NET Core. A few people mentioned that Shannon Deminick also had a great minifier for ASP.NET Core. Shannon has a number of great libraries on his GitHub including not just “Smidge” but also Examine, an indexing system, […]

WebOptimizer – a Bundler and Minifier for ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core didn’t have a runtime bundler like previous versions of ASP.NET. This was a bummer as I was a fan. Fortunately Mads Kristensen created one and put it on GitHub, called WebOptimizer. WebOptimizer – ASP.NET Core middleware for bundling and minification of CSS and JavaScript files at runtime. With […]

Botwin offers an interesting alternative option for routing with ASP.NET Core

NancyFx is a great alternative to ASP.NET if you want to make elegant little web apis like this: public class SampleModule : Nancy.NancyModule { public SampleModule() { Get[“/”] = _ => “Hello World!”; } } However, it may be that you want a routing style – the way you define […]