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The Essential Guide to Take-home Coding Challenges

Introduction Hi, I’m Jane. I wrote this guide because I want to help others with non-traditional backgrounds succeed on take-home coding challenges. Please read it, take notes, apply the material, and let me know about your results. You can reach me via email at This guide is intended for […]

Tools I wish I had known about when I started coding: Revisited

Photo courtesy of A few days ago, I wrote this article for freeCodeCamp which has since gone on to be read more times than I could have ever imagined. The response from the community has been overwhelming, humbling, and inspiring. With the intent of spreading that article as far […]

How I hacked Tinder accounts using Facebook’s Account Kit and earned $6,250 in bounties

This is being published with the permission of Facebook under the responsible disclosure policy. The vulnerabilities mentioned in this blog post were plugged quickly by the engineering teams of Facebook and Tinder. This post is about an account takeover vulnerability I discovered in Tinder’s application. By exploiting this, an attacker could […]

Finishing freeCodeCamp’s Front End Web Development Curriculum Only Took Me Three Years

I finally finished working through all of freeCodeCamp’s Front End Web Development curriculum. It only took me three years! I first joined freeCodeCamp in November 2015. There were lots of gaps in my learning. Since initially joining freeCodeCamp, I took a JavaScript class at General Assembly in 2016, attended Flatiron School’s […]

Shipping vs. Fiddling I’ve recently switched to a new computer and did a clean setup. A few days ago I needed to do a tiny update to my home page which is built with Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator built with Ruby, so had to install all required dependencies before […]

How to build a Hacker News Frontpage scraper with just 7 lines of R code

This is not R — Web scraping used to be a difficult task requiring expertise in XML Tree parsing and HTTP Requests. But with new-age scraping libraries like beautifulsoup (for Python) and rvest (for R), web scraping has become a toy for any beginner to play with. This post aims to explain […]

Top Web & Software Development Articles — February 7, 2018

What’s trending on Codeburst this week? Highlighted The 2018 Web Developer Roadmap — An illustrated guide to becoming a Frontend or Backend Developer with links to courses. Top Stories Redux-Actions through Example: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 — This series assumes that you are already familiar with both React and Redux; and just maybe have […]