Developing an iOS app — Part 1

Foreword maybe?


Let me first introduce myself and purpose of this series.

I am Ashika, currently in Seattle, WA. I am an iOS developer and launched my very first app called “SoruTime” recently on the app store.

I did my MBA and was working for Goldman Sachs for around 10 months in India and then moved to Seattle after getting married to the love of my life. I do have a little computer background from my Bachelors in Computer Technology but to be really frank here it has been almost 3 years since i stopped coding and i almost completely forgot it too.

But never have i learnt Swift/iOS even then. So its still a fresh start.

This series is about sharing my journey on how i went about building my app from scratch, things that matters initially, the learning that needs to happen and will also be sharing the learning that i go through every day.

I plan to this series as much fun as possible but still sharing lessons with everyone. That way we can share knowledge with one another and make a good and faster learning curve.

This series is for beginners as I, myself, am one of you. I believe learning is an infinite process and you keep learning everyday of your life.

PS: I am not a professional writer nor am I an expert level iOS developer. I welcome all suggestions, comments and feedback. And will edit and keep this series updated.

Thanks for reading. Keep going. Happy learning and coding 🙂 Let the change the world by building new innovative app. 🙂 Let the series begin…

Development Cycle

The Development cycle :


I had this “Eureka” moment when I was cooking dinner. If you are thinking right now if i had an idea for some cooking based app then you are absolutely right.

As a person who knew nothing about cooking, everything I cook is from recipe online or from my mom or friends. But the major problem was that I never knew how long to cook and even when I was made known of the time, every time I had to get outside an app/recipe, set timer on my mobile and then come back again to the recipe.

This made me thinking that if there was an app which could do that for me. Later I started thinking how fun it would be to create my own app with removed pain points I face with the others. And there it started.

I talked about the idea with my husband, friends and family and they liked the idea plus most of them being form India felt there isn’t much apps with Indian recipes as well. So I thought maybe I can give it a shot.


I started going over all the apps I use like Allrecipes, Yummly, Tasty, FoodNetwork and also included apps like Kitchen Stories, Tastemade, BuzzFeed Food to have an understanding on how things are happening in the food/drink app world. I started sketching in my own ideas on a paper and then re-iterate how things should look in my app. Once i had some basic idea, I looked over the internet to see how iOS apps are developed and I came across this word “Wireframe”.

Wireframe is nothing but you use modern jazzy tools to create an skeleton of how your app would look on a phone. There were many tools like, Balsamiq and I choose “Sketch”. Because from the looks of the tools in their websites, Sketch looked like it would be user-friendly and it was.

So I started laying out models as in below, I will do in-depth tutorial of Sketch in the later part of my series. But for now,

Sketch – basic wireframe

A great way to learn “Sketch” would be to make use of this link — . This website provides with numerous amount of resources to download and see how things are designed and developed with Sketch. And there is SketchPlugins which you could download to export data, assets — i.e, your images, icons etc directly to your app.


With no prior knowledge to iOS Development, I started my journey by googling. I started with downloading Xcode, finding tutorials about Swift(coding language) and went about creating a sample app with Apple’s Guide on developing an iOS app.

Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift): Jump Right In

This is where I started and slowly went up the ladder and started putting in blocks together to create my own app.

Things you need to know here:

  • Start with downloading XCode
  • Go through basics of Swift — there is so many tutorials out there. I personally started with reading Apple docs
  • Now start developing sample app with apple or other tutorials from or AppCoda etc
  • Decide on what elements to want see and touch in your mobile screen and go about building your app

Don’t give up. That is more important in developing, you may easily get demotivated when you don’t get the output as in tutorials, but keep reading , searching and stay curious all the time.

I plan on covering more basic iOS SDK and Swift topics in depth in the series, new cool things I learn and much more. If you enjoyed reading, kindly comment/clap to let me know I can continue doing this. As I mentioned earlier, all feedback are welcome and I really look forward to writing more.

This is a link to the app I built, still have a lot to work on the app. But do check it out if you are interested. 🙂

SoruTime on the App Store

To be continued…

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