Finishing freeCodeCamp’s Front End Web Development Curriculum Only Took Me Three Years

I finally finished working through all of freeCodeCamp’s Front End Web Development curriculum. It only took me three years!

I first joined freeCodeCamp in November 2015. There were lots of gaps in my learning. Since initially joining freeCodeCamp, I took a JavaScript class at General Assembly in 2016, attended Flatiron School’s 15-week immersive bootcamp in 2017, and built plenty of small apps and janky websites. I also worked a few different jobs and did lots of things that had nothing to do with coding at all. Yet, I kept coming back to freeCodeCamp, and I’m proud to say I just earned my Front End Web Development Certification.

Say Hello to HTML Elements

My final project was recreating the Simon game, which is surprisingly challenging to play. It’s the first game I’ve made that’s harder to beat than it was to build, and that’s saying a lot, since it took me a few days. But I stuck with it and learned a lot. Javascript is a fun, funky language, after all.

console.log(‘My final task before submitting this code challenge today was going through my code and commenting out all my console.logs.’)

Here’s the game if you wanna give it a whirl:

My code needs some refactoring, as it’s not very DRY, but it meets all the user requirements, and it works! I’m proud of that.

freeCodeCamp taught me a ton, improved my confidence as a developer, and helped me build my portfolio. I’ve even started getting freelance development work. It’s been a long journey, and I’m glad it took me a few years to get where I’m at today. Learning how to code can’t happen overnight. It happens in bits and pieces, over long periods of time. I wasn’t trying to make a corny ‘bit’ joke, but there it is. I can’t possibly delete it now.

Couldn’t resist blogbragging bout my achievement.

Thanks for reading, internet nerds.

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