Future Food Identities: understanding foodscape to shape a better food system

After almost one month in San Francisco, I can definitively claim to have found the topic for my Master graduation, well done!

In this first month in Silicon Valley, I just followed and visited projects, startups and companies all around, to take inspiration from this amazing place, the most innovative, smart and high-tech into the world. At the end I decided to agree the purpose of . Making the information sheets, I encountered this organization that immediatly affected me for its ambitious goals and the innovative ways to pursue them, in their way to communicate I felt something of disruptive, I had to get in touch! I immediatly realized had the grant from my University to make research abroad and so kept in touch with students and researchers. A project will be selected as result of the event, and will be supported with a price to realise a first prototype to test.

The project aims to ultimately optimise citizens food experiences and behaviours in different environment. Furthermore, the study will optimize beneficiaries’ specific food interventions in order to:

  • Enable individuals to MAKE PERSONAL, INFORMED FOOD CHOICES for sustainable lifestyles;
  • Enable PLANT BASED DIETS adoptions
  • Accelerate CIRCULAR ECONOMY transition.

The resulting tools will allow organisations to conscientiously adjust their interventions, policy makers to orient their decisions towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals achievement and students to be educated.

I am very excited to take part of this project, it is exactly the challenge I was looking for, to explore in depth the topics I am focusing on for any years. The role of food impact on sustainable development is a crucial question of our time, when I wrote the cover letter for my research grant I declared:

My goal in life is to grow and contribute, cultivating the culture of excellence, technology, and innovation, to build the future in accordance with the values and principles I believe in. The way I have chosen to facilitate progress is devoting my energies to create a better, more sustainable, and respectful food environment for people around the world.”

I think this is the right way!

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