Kotlin Weekly Update — 21

Weekly update on Kotlin resources.

1. Kotlin Collections Inside. Part 1

Kotlin Collections Inside. Part 1 – Runtastic Blog

2. This month I learned — Kotlin Advent of Code Edition by passsy

This month I learned — Kotlin Advent of Code Edition

3. Listeners with several functions in Kotlin. How to make them shine? by Antonio Leiva

Listeners with several functions in Kotlin. How to make them shine?

4. Kotlin Design Patterns by Alexey Soshin

Kotlin Design Patterns

5. Writing a Chrome extension in Kotlin (Part 1) by Ramon Rivas

Writing a Chrome extension in Kotlin (Part 1)

6. Kotlin at BBC Sports [Podcast]

Kotlin at BBC Sports

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3. Simple-Gallery



1. Reactive Programming in Kotlin — Why I wrote?

Reactive Programming in Kotlin — Why I wrote?

  • Course :

Advance Kotlin

  • Kotlin Weekly Update — 20

Kotlin Weekly Update — 20

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