🌟 learn hapi — Implement a Password-Reset Flow

We all know the three passwords that we use across the Internet when creating new accounts. They are memorable, typed quickly because we’ve typed them so often and they vary in complexity to match every website’s requirement.

At work, you may need to change your password every 45 or 90 days. I guess you’ve a password with an increment at the beginning or end 😉 Not that I’d do that 😏

Now you’re building Futureflix to your own needs and want users to access their account, even though they don’t know their password anymore.

That’s what this tutorial will walk you through: implement a complete password reset flow with an email notification with password reset instructions for the user. If you don’t know how send emails in Node.js, get a grasp on it in the linked tutorial. Ready? Rock!

To continue reading this premium tutorial go to futurestud.io!

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