Our 10 most-read articles of 2017

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PricewaterhouseCoopers took the long view of how the global economic order will change, ranking 32 countries by their projected global gross domestic product by purchasing power parity. PPP is used by macroeconomists to determine the economic productivity and standards of living among countries across a certain time period. By 2030, China is expected to have the largest economy of $38 trillion, followed by the US at $23.5 trillion and India at $19.5 trillion.

Is this This neuroscientist, who studies decision making, says the key to minimizing stress is to surround yourself with the right people. For example, he doesn’t choose which restaurant to go to, but rather who to go with. If he has surrounded himself with like-minded friends, they will make good decisions on his behalf. The same applies for trying to do more exercise, taking up a musical instrument, or becoming more sociable. By deciding who to spend time with, results can be achieved with less stress.

These countries have the most , according to top US professors
Professors at prestigious US colleges Yale, Harvard and Princeton offered their view of the most important books for students to read. The topics of the books spanned issues from politics to social science to Shakespearean literature.

Here’s an easier way to is more important than your intelligence
This psychologist has spent her entire career studying attitude and performance, and her latest study shows that your attitude is a better predictor of your success than your IQ. In particular, the research raises the idea of a fixed mindset or a growth mindset, and how the willingness to keep learning and embrace change will shape your career.

Will the rise of augmented reality mean at just about everything
Sweden is a brilliant place to live and work, and rates highly across a range of indicators, including doing business, gender equality, low levels of corruption. It is also a great country to grow old.

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