RoboDogs Can Now Open Doors for Friends

Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?

Boston Dynamics robots can now open doors. (Watch the video below)

The Robodogs are coming, Boston Dynamics is now Softbank owned.

What happens when robot dogs can open doors for their friends? But Spot Mini keeps getting upgrades. Robots are getting smarter, and humans (eh we’ll just leave it at that).

Boston Dynamics have a viral marketing reputation of terminator like robots that freak the internet out. But terminator dogs that can open doors, that’s not unlike the Black Mirror season 4 episode “Metalhead”.

One has to wonder if this factored into Alphabet’s decision to sell the robotics firm to Japanese based Softbank.

The robot’s ability to maintain balance as it swings open what looks to be a fairly heavy door. This represents the kind of advances in robotics that some people didn’t expect we’d see so soon.

Who needs delivery and doormen anyways, couldn’t this robot just give you your Amazon package?

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