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Exploring Sentiment Analysis

Photo credit : Pixabay Understanding Text mining – Part 2 Introduction This article is part 2 of Understanding Text Mining.If you just landed here, Part 1 is available here. One of the applications of text mining is sentiment analysis.In order for us to go ahead and carry out a sentiment analysis of our […]

Self Driven Data Science — Issue #32

Self Driven Data Science — Issue #32 Here’s this weeks lineup of data-driven articles, stories, and resources delivered faithfully to your inbox for you to consume. Enjoy! How Quora’s Head of Data Science Conducts Candidate Interviews Eric Mayefsky, head of data science at Quora, has assessed hundreds of job candidates in his half decade […]

The New Hubert is Finally Here!

Since launching the beta version at the end of July, we received a lot of great feedback from our valued users. After careful consideration of every suggestion, we’ve broken down the points and mixed them with our own internal input. From that, we organized new functionality into a list of […]

3 Answers and a Question with Elena Grewal

This iteration of our interview series features a conversation with Elena Grewal, Head of Data Science at Airbnb, where she talks building a company-wide data culture and what to do before your new data science hires start. Airbnb is one of the most-often used examples of digital disruption. But beyond simply […]

Bringing Forward Collision Warnings to our open source self-driving car

At comma.ai we are building openpilot, open-source software that can drive your car. Right now support includes Toyotas with TSS-P, the Honda Civic and CR-V (with Honda Sensing) and Acura ILX. In this post, I will describe how we built the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system in openpilot. (note: the […]

Applying transfer learning in NLP and CV

In this blog post I will discuss two applications of transfer learning. I will provide an overview of examples in the field of natural language processing and computer vision. This blog post is the second in a series on transfer learning. You can find the first blog post, which explains the […]

A few words about my experience at Insight Data Science

Redwan Huq was an Insight Data Science Fellow (Fall 2017), and currently works in New York City as a Lead Data Scientist at Nielsen. He received his PhD in molecular physiology and biophysics from Baylor College of Medicine where he used carbon nanotechnology to research a new treatment for autoimmune […]

Understanding Learning Rates and How It Improves Performance in Deep Learning

This post is an attempt to document my understanding on the following topic: What is the learning rate? What is it’s significance? How does one systematically arrive at a good learning rate? Why do we change the learning rate during training? How do we deal with learning rates when using pretrained […]

Data Curious 2017 Year in Review: My favourite data stories, datasets and visualisations from last…

Data Curious 2017 Year in Review: My favourite data stories, datasets and visualisations from last year Hello again. I’m back from a lengthy Christmas holiday hiatus and ready to embrace the very best data-driven stories that 2018 has to offer. But first, a retrospective. Over eight months ago, I started a weekly […]