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What’s a negligible effect in an election?

One possible rule-of-thumb for researchers One of the quantitative methodology papers which has most shaped my thinking in recent years is Carlisle Rainey’s Arguing for a Negligible Effect. Like all great papers, it makes a simple point well: statistical significance is not the same as substantive significance, and to assess […]

MySQL Triggers for Data Integrity — In lieu of Check Constraints Part 1.

Photo by Delano Balten on Unsplash Want to automate a process and ensure an operation is carried out for your database tables? Perhaps data integrity checks? Beginning with this blog post, I will present a two-part series leveraging MySQL triggers to ensure data integrity for mock pipeline pipe asset data. Note: All […]

10 things every aspiring data scientist needs to know

The Harvard article “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” first sparked my interest in the data science field. At the time, I had spent 3.5 years in management consulting and had built a great reputation building models and developing projections in MS Excel. After reading that article, […]

Moving into Data Science as a Career (Data & IT Management)

Previously, I have given an overall view of the skills and knowledge needed by a data scientist and also did a discussion on the mathematics that the data scientist should know. Continuing, I shall now touch on the Data and IT management knowledge that a data scientist should know. 1-Data Governance […]

My Journey into Machine Learning: Class 1

I am a first-year graduate student at New York University, pursing Computer Science. I have decided to maintain notes on my graduate course, ‘Machine Learning’ on Medium. I believe it is the most powerful medium (no pun intended!) to share and may help a lot of interested readers in getting […]

Scraping and Models and Games, Oh My!

(Beautiful) Soup of the Day Note: This isn’t intended to be a hyper-technical blog. However, if you’re a guy or gal who’s into that kind of thing, here’s this project’s code on my GitHub! Full disclosure: I’m exhausted. I presented my first major solo project here at Metis this morning. It was […]

The Next Wave: Predicting the future of coffee in New York City

By Mario Aksiyote In this article we look at New York City through the lens of coffee in an attempt to explore a fundamental question of spatial economics: how are the locations of businesses determined? The geography of economic activity is a critical force that shapes cities around the world. From […]

Louisiana Loses Its Boot

The boot-shaped state isn’t shaped like a boot anymore. That’s why we revised its iconic outline to reflect the truth about a sinking, disappearing place. By Brett AndersonPhotographs by William WidmerIllustrations by Matthew Woodson [Footnotes appear in righthand “notes” alongside paragraphs.] Early this year, I drove from Arnaudville, Louisiana, to Morgan […]

Aspiring data scientist? Master these fundamentals.

Photo by Dmitri Popov on Unsplash Data science is an exciting, fast-moving field to become involved in. There’s no shortage of demand for talented, analytically-minded individuals. Companies of all sizes are hiring data scientists, and the role provides real value across a wide range of industries and applications. Often, people’s first […]

How to get more likes on your blogs (1/2)

Unravelling the mystery of claps on medium blogs using data analytics Being an amateur blogger, I always wonder what makes a good blog “good”. Is it just the content that is important or do we have to focus on other aspects as well? To solve this mystery I am deploying […]