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Don’t Get Caught Up in a Code Framework Paradigm

I was originally going to name this article “How It Took Me 8 Hours to Write 2 Minutes of Code”, but somehow I didn’t think that most software engineers would find that terribly compelling, and if there is one thing engineers like to do, it’s to determine what’s most efficient […]

Why I Like Whiteboard Interviews (and you should too)

https://unsplash.com/photos/eWw2BKvKX_0 Whiteboard interviews get a lot of negative press for being ‘unfair’ or ‘not real-world scenarios’. They put candidates on the spot, away from their comfort zones. Countless articles, comments, posts, and tweets declare the irrationality of the process. The thing is, this is the point. The whiteboard phase usually occurs […]

3 command knockout combo for your psql command line session.

This blog post will discuss my favorite, top 3 psql meta-commands. Want to kick your command line session in the rear?? Try these out yourself. Note: All data, names or naming found within the database presented in this post, are strictly used for practice, learning, instruction, and testing purposes. It […]

Why Flutter Uses Dart

Many linguists believe that the natural language a person speaks affects how they think. Does the same concept apply to computer languages? Programmers working in different kinds of programming languages often come up with radically different solutions to problems. As a more extreme example, computer scientists eliminated the goto statement […]

Writing better unit tests in Swift: Part One

Generating test data with factory methods The problem Look, we’re amongst friends here, so I feel I can be totally honest: I’ve written some really awful unit tests in my career. Twenty-line monsters with multiple mocks and asserts and asynchronous expectations. The sort of thing you see in books with titles […]

The Essential Guide to Take-home Coding Challenges

Introduction Hi, I’m Jane. I wrote this guide because I want to help others with non-traditional backgrounds succeed on take-home coding challenges. Please read it, take notes, apply the material, and let me know about your results. You can reach me via email at jane@fullstackinterviewing.com. This guide is intended for […]

COUNTLESS 3D— Vectorized 2x Downsampling of Labeled Volume Images Using Python and Numpy

A visualization of a 2x2x2 downsample of a labeled dataset. This is what COUNTLESS 3D does. Previously, I demonstrated a fully vectorized algorithm, COUNTLESS, that downsampled labeled images by finding the mode of 2×2 patches without counting pixel value frequencies. Here, I generalize COUNTLESS to 3D images using a 2x2x2 patch […]