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Developing locally with ASP.NET Core under HTTPS, SSL, and Self-Signed Certs

Last week on Twitter @getify started an excellent thread pointing out that we should be using HTTPS even on our local machines. Why? You want your local web development set up to reflect your production reality as much as possible. URL parsing, routing, redirects, avoiding mixed-content warnings, etc. It’s very […]

One click deploy for MakeCode and the amazing AdaFruit Circuit Playground Express

There’s a ton of great open source hardware solutions out there. Often they’re used to teach kids how to code, but their also fun for adults to learn about hardware! Ultimately that “LED Moment” can be the start of a love affair with open source hardware and software! Arduino is […]

AltCover and ReportGenerator give amazing code coverage on .NET Core

I’m continuing to explore testing and code coverage on open source .NET Core. Earlier this week I checked out coverlet. There is also the venerable OpenCover and there’s some cool work being done to get OpenCover working with .NET Core, but it’s Windows only. Today, I’m exploring AltCover by Steve […]

.NET Core Code Coverage as a Global Tool with coverlet

Last week I blogged about “dotnet outdated,” an essential .NET Core “global tool” that helps you find out what NuGet package reference you need to update. .NET Core Global Tools are really taking off right now. They are meant for devs – this isn’t a replacement for chocolatey or apt-get […]

Lynx is dead – Long live Browsh for text-based internet browsing

The standard for browsing the web over a text-=based terminal is Lynx, right? It’s the legendary text web browser that you can read about at https://lynx.invisible-island.net/ or, even better, run right now with docker run –rm -it nbrown/lynx lynx http://hanselman.com/ Awesome, right? But it’s text. Lynx runs alt-text rather than […]