The Machines That Make Us More Human

Can Technology Make Us More Human?

The discussion about cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and the impact these technologies will have on our daily lives will likely continue to make headlines for years to come. This, however, is not an article about machine learning. Rather, it’s about something that isn’t examined with nearly as much fervor: how we can use such innovative tools and technologies to make our interactions — whether person-to-person or brand-to-consumer — more human.

It is the culmination of all these small, seamless and more human exchanges that will provide real consumer value and real business value in return

Over the last few years, speakers at a multitude of conferences and webinars have advocated for the elevation of customer experience through a more data-driven approach. Hearing the call, business leaders have collected, democratized and connected more data than ever before. They are tearing down data silos to consolidate and improve the view of the customer and are designing customer journeys to drive more effective engagement.

There’s no question these investments and the increased collaboration between technology and marketing teams have already created tremendous value for brands and their shareholders. Consumers also benefit from increasingly simplified experiences. However, such gains will inevitably become no more than table stakes.

How can brands stay ahead of the competition, build long-term brand affinity and advocacy with customers and attract new ones? By realizing that all this foundational groundwork gives them more than an efficient and optimized marketing function — it also provides the ability to be more personal, to understand their customers as individuals, but more than that, to show them actual empathy. The question then becomes how to get there. Read More…..

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