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Improve your app mileage with Android for Cars App library

Posted by Madan Ankapura, Product Manager In April, we announced our first version of the Android for Cars App Library as part of Jetpack, reaching a milestone to let developers publish their navigation, parking, charging apps on the Google Play Store. Today, we’re announcing that version 1.1 is in alpha, […]

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Start Your Engines: Launch New Android Auto Apps to Production!

Posted by Eric Bahna, Product Manager In March, we published the Android for Cars App Library as part of Jetpack and most developers have already migrated their implementations to it! In addition to fantastic partner adoption, drivers have been enthusiastic about the new apps and our quality metrics have been […]

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Introducing the Android for Cars App Library

Posted by Eric Bahna, Product Manager In August, we announced plans to expand Android Auto’s app ecosystem to enable new navigation, parking, and electric vehicle charging apps. We’ve been hard at work collaborating with our early access partners to test and refine the Android for Cars App Library. Today, we’re […]

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New ways to reach more drivers on Android for cars

Posted by Mickey Kataria, Director of Product Management, Android for cars This blog post is part of a weekly series for #11WeeksOfAndroid. For each week, we’re diving into a key area and this week we’re focusing on Android Beyond Phones. Today, we’ll be talking about cars. Since 2014, Google has […]