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4 key areas SaaS startups must address to scale infrastructure for the enterprise

Prashant Pandey Contributor Share on Twitter Prashant Pandey is the head of engineering at Asana, a leading work management platform for teams. Prior to Asana, Prashant started and led the Bay Area team building Amazon DynamoDB, a fully managed NoSQL database service. Startups and SMBs are usually the first to […]

Pro tips from the team behind Kickstarter’s most funded app

Alex Ruzh Contributor Share on Twitter Alex Ruzh is the CEO and co-founder of memoryOS, an edtech startup developing AI-powered gamified software teaching people how to remember anything. Here at memoryOS, we have a saying we repeat often: “Most of the Kickstarter happens before the actual Kickstarter.” Preparation is the […]

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Founders: How well do you really understand seed-stage financing?

Yin Wu Contributor Share on Twitter Yin Wu, a three-time YC alum, is founder of Pulley, which offers cap table management tools that help companies better understand and optimize their equity. More posts by this contributor How to start a company in 4 days I’ve fundraised a lot. Tactically, fundraising […]

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Norwest’s Lisa Wu explains how to think like a VC when fundraising

At the TechCrunch Early Stage: Marketing and Fundraising event last week, Norwest Venture Partners‘ Lisa Wu took the stage to discuss how founders can think like venture capitalists in all facets of their business. The overlapping in job roles is uncanny: The best investors and founders have to find focus […]

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Khosla’s Adina Tecklu breaks down how to nail your pitch

Pitching is perhaps the single most important skill that any founder needs to hone, so not surprisingly, we kicked off our TechCrunch Early Stage 2021 — Marketing & Fundraising event with a deep dive on all the tips and tricks required to get the most out of pitching and slide […]

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Here are 3 things you should do with your stock options

Vieje Piauwasdy Contributor Share on Twitter Vieje Piauwasdy is the director of Equity Strategy at Secfi, an equity planning platform for startup executives and employees. More posts by this contributor Startup employees should pay attention to Biden’s capital gains tax plans There’s a reason startup compensation packages usually include equity, […]

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5 advanced-ish SEO tactics to win in 2021

Mark Spera Contributor Share on Twitter Mark Spera is the head of growth marketing at Minted. He’s the co-founder of growth marketing blog Growth Marketing Pro and content generation tool GrowthBar. More posts by this contributor 5 companies doing growth marketing right In nearly every Google algorithm update in recent […]

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3 guiding principles for CEOs who post on Twitter

Lisa W. Liu Contributor Share on Twitter Lisa W. Liu is a senior partner at The Mitzel Group, where her practice focuses on business and immigration issues. A CEO’s fiduciary duties to their company and its shareholders do not end when they are off the clock — they must always […]

79% more leads without more traffic: Here’s how we did it

Jasper Kuria Contributor Share on Twitter Jasper Kuria is the managing partner of CRO consultancy The Conversion Wizards and is the founder of Capital & Growth, an e-commerce education site. More posts by this contributor Pioneer Square Labs’ Greg Gottesman on the studio model for high growth startups Gil Penchina […]

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Don’t send VC a cold deck ever again: Start sending video pitches

Evan Fisher Contributor Share on Twitter Founder of Unicorn Capital and Minimal Capital, Evan Fisher‘s pitching and investor strategy has helped startups raise more than $2.5 billion. Let’s play out this scenario. Your deck is ready and you’re just about to start reaching out. What does conventional wisdom say that […]